We have the experience - With over 350 companies from the industry as our customers. We have developed a keen understanding of the finer aspects of the business and its requirements. We have a strong grasp of the supplier process, the artwork required for various types of printing and the execution capability that has seen us deliver over 85,000 pieces of artwork in a short time of 3 years.

A High tech environment – We have invested in qualified graphic designers and software developers, the latest hardware and software and high-speed Internet lines and telecommunication equipment. So that you don’t. With our substantial investments in a state of the art production facility in Bombay, India we are able to meet on all areas of expectations – Substantial savings in costs, rapid delivery and top class quality. All critical factors that impact you as a supplier.

Custom Software application – We have built a custom software solution that meets the needs of suppliers.
  • We have developed a simple module which allows suppliers to simplify the process of maintaining a record of POs, matching artwork to the order and availability of reports at all times
  • Artwork is processed and re-touched by us
  • We link the PO to the artwork and upload it to this module
  • Suppliers can then simply pickup the PO and related art from their server
  • Guaranteed turnaround – We have created systems, process and people to deliver a guaranteed turnaround within 24 hrs to 48 hrs. Can be same day also if required.
Assured Quality – We take immense pride in the fact that our QA process delivers over 99.1% jobs first time right. Saving substantial time and headache resulting out of iterations.

On-line status reports – We understand and appreciate your need to know. Our process is designed such that Status of each art job with schedules along with other management reports will be available on-line.

A Geographical advantage – Clients make use of the time zone difference. Our production house is located in Bombay-India which is approximately 10-12 hours ahead of your time. While your office closed for the day, our operations are in full swing - your production is round the clock!

A happy customer base - We are very customer centric and work obsessively to wowing our customers and building their confidence. Our sustained ability to deliver high quality artwork solutions rapidly and at amazingly low prices has won us many accolades and a rich base of 350 customers. And we are adding more and more.

Our substantial investment in People, Processes and Technology has enabled us to deliver over 85,000 pieces of camera ready art – On time, first time right and to stated quality. This makes us the preferred production partner to leading distributors and suppliers.
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